Come Celebrate!

Lunar New Year 2021 – The Year of the Ox 

Join us at the Far East Center and Truong An Gifts for a socially-distanced Year of the Ox celebration.

Start the LNY by decorating in red and gold. We will have a huge variety of flowers, plants, fruits, gift baskets, Ox decorations, and more!

Truong An Gifts will be offering prizes and giveaways. Follow us on FB for more details leading up to our LNY Street Market Fair 2021.

2021 – The Year of the Ox

The ox is the hard worker in the background; intelligent and reliable but never demanding praise.

Lunar New Year kicks off a 15-day celebration culminating in a family feast and lantern festival. Lunar New Year is observed across several countries including China, South Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam.

In past years, the celebration includes fireworks, a dragon dance, and the gifting of red envelopes filled with money. For 2021, Denver is celebrating appropriately with an open-air outdoor street market at the Far East Center. 

Purchase a Lunar New Year Gift Bag!



Purchase in person
at Truong An Gifts

333 S Federal Blvd #116
or online HERE!

Two gift bag options based on availability during pickup.

First option:

  • Ox Plush
  • Lucky Cat Tea Set
  • Mochi rice cake
  • Lucky sesame candy
  • Pack of red envelopes
  • Green tea
  • Lucky red paper (Fai chun)

    Two gift bag options based on availability during pickup.

    Second option:

    • Money tree
    • Lucky waving cat
    • Money toad
    • Red lucky candy
    • New Years candy: ginger, coconut and water chestnut
    • Pack of red envelopes

    *participating coupon vendors:

    American Micro Blading


    Celestial Bakery

    Eastern Jewelry

    J’s Noodle Star Restaurant

    Kandies Nail Salon

    Korea’s Best Skin Care

    Millennium Trenz Asia Center

    Millennium Trenz Far East Center

    Modified Decals

    Morena’s Beauty Salon

    New Cottage Art School

    Now Pho

    Pho 555

    Saigon Bowl Restaurant

    Savory Vietnam

    T&L Hair Salon

    Truong An Gifts

    Viets Restaurant

    Vigor CBD

    Vitality Massage

    Covid Considerations:
    Please adhere to city and state guidelines, wear masks, and observe distancing. At The Far East Center, hand sanitizer will be provided along with masks and gloves for sale.


    Event brought to you in partnership by 
    Little Saigon Denver and Denver Streets Partnership

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